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Our Water World
2022-3 • Wild Space Productions for Netflix

The Sky at Night
2020 • BBC Studios for BBC4

We Are the NHS
2020 • NHS England

2019 • Nutopia for Netflix

HORIZON: Die a Better Death
2018 • BBC Studios for BBC2

HORIZON: Goodbye Cassini, Hello Saturn
2017 • BBC Factual for BBC2 & The Science Channel

The Day the Dinosaurs Died
2017 • Barcroft Media for BBC2 & PBS NOVA

Secrets of Your Food
2016 • BBC Factual for BBC2

HORIZON: Cosmic Dawn - The True Moment of Creation
2015 • BBC Factual for BBC2

COLOUR: The Spectrum of Science
2015 • BBC Scotland for BBC4

HORIZON: Secrets of the Solar System
2014 • BBC Factual for BBC2

HORIZON: How You Really Make Decisions
2013 • BBC Factual for BBC2

HORIZON: What Makes Us Human?
2013 • BBC Factual for BBC2

HORIZON: How Small is the Universe?
2012 • BBC Factual for BBC2

HORIZON: The Truth About Exercise
2012 • BBC Factual for BBC2

The Sex Researchers
2011 • WAG TV  for C4

Classic Goldie
2009BBC Classical Music for BBC2

Natural Wonders: Grand Canyon & Great Barrier Reef
2007Impossible Pictures for Discovery

The Whale that Swam to London
2006Firefly for C4

Discovery Atlas: France
2005Wall to Wall for Discovery

Life Before BIrth (In the Womb)
2005Pioneer for C4 & Nat Geo

BBC Young Musician: What Does it Take?
2004BBC Classical Music for BBC2

Flashers Uncovered
2004Mentorn for C4

Mysterious Hanging Coffins of China
2003Bang Productions for Discovery

Extreme Machines: Oil Rig
2003Pioneer for Discovery

Edge of the Universe: Final Frontier
2002Pioneer for C4

2001Survival Anglia for FIVE


Goodbye Cassini, Hello Saturn
WINNER: Champion of Science Award, Association of British Science Writers Awards 2018
WINNER: Best Earth & Sky Film, Jackson Wild Media Awards 2019
NOMINEE: Space Achievement: Media, Broadcast, Written, Sir Arthur Clarke Awards 2018

    Life Before Birth (In the Womb)
    WINNER: Best Special Effects, RTS Craft Awards 2005
    NOMINEE: Best Science & Natural History Film, RTS Awards 2006
    WINNER: Remi Special Jury Award, WorldFest Houston 2006

    Mysterious Hanging Coffins of China
    WINNER: Best Documentary, Asian TV Awards 2004